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Growth & Expansion

Are you planning an expansion or thinking of setting up new divisions?

In the first phases of planning an expansion the main objective is, very often, the search for finance.

The possibilities of an expansion are endless and may take the form of affiliations, joint ventures or collaborations, and may require a search for potential business partners.

One way to handle an expansion is to identify whether your companies’ current finances can support your plans, or not. Another major aspect of your future expansion lies in Human Resources: Are your Human Resources sufficient to meet your necessities and realize your ambitions?

Focus Partners can assist you with negotiation strategies, financial planning, acquisitions, restructuring and the identification of talent.

Services we offer at this stage:

1.- Implementation of new divisions within your enterprise
2.- Acquisition of companies
3.- Strategic Positioning
4.- Creation of other business sections or affiliates in other cities
5.- Creation of strategies
6.- Search of independent members of board directors
7.- Staff Selection
8.- Talent Identification


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