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Human Resources

The efficient management of Human Resources con give a company a competitive advantage over its competitors.

Focus Partners places a strong emphasis on HR, offering the following services:

1. - Coaching

Bespoke training programmes for company management, focusing on Leadership, Innovation and Decision-making skills.

2. - Outplacement

We provide outplacement services to companies who need to reduce staffing levels or replace team members.

3. - Organisational Studies

We help you identify problems with the company’s structure or modus operandi which are preventing staff members from fulfilling their full potential.

4. - Selection and Recruitment

Executive Search services starting from a precise identification of both the requirements of the position and the profile of the ideal candidate.

5. - HR Audits

At Focus Partners, our Human Resources audits analyse the needs of each position with a view to maximising the efficient use of talent in your organisation.

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