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Starting a company in Spain

Do you have an idea that you want to transform into a business?start company

There are two steps you have to seriously consider when it comes to creating a new business:

How to apply a business model

At this point it is crucial to be objective. The key lies in paying attention to measurable indicators, such as increased client satisfaction, in order to evaluate your overall business performance. From the outset, it’s important to assess value-adding opportunities as well as possible threats to the enterprise.
Proper risk calculation and absolute objectivity are essential in determining whether “intuition” and “ideas” can be successfully turned into profitable business opportunities. The application of a business model is important in terms of how to develop competences and how to set objectives for large undertakings.

How to choose the right business model for your company

The elaboration and use of the Model of Economic Finance MEF is a fundamental tool in financial projects. MEF is a way to prepare expenses and, most of all, focus on very recent and relevant market data: quotas, prices, costs, margins and so forth.

Services we offer at this stage

1.- Valuation of objectives of your competencies
2.- Quantification of market objectives in your negotiation
3.- Validation of your negotiation model
4.- Utilization of the model of economic finance
5.- Utilization of negotiation plans
6.- Finance search


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