We help to find the necessary financing at different moments during the business life: growth, innovation, expansion of services, facilities improvement, investments in tecnology, passive, cash points, etc. and for each moment we find the best public and / or private funds


Support to the general management

In an interim format (occupying management positions at the client company) or as an external consultancy, we stand alongside the management to guide and support decision-making. And we also have extensive experience in supporting financial management.

mapa mundi i avio

Accompaniment to open new markets and finding investors, suppliers and intermediaries, inside and outside the European Union.

Human Resources

Adapting jobs and people, Specialized selection, Outplacement and Career orientation Programs.

iconos xarxes socials
Sales and branding, online & offline

Be present on social network, with objectives and coherence. Digital and corporate communication.

Logistics and Lean Management

We optimize production factors and sustainability: We use scientific methods to improve the value chain.

taula papers
Famliy business

Generational change, organizational support and strategic vision for changes.

cel blau i nuvols

Personal development programs to focus goals, develop intuition and connect with personal balance.

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"Indecision steals opportunities."

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