Management support

We can do both, working internal or external to the company

Each organization requires a tailored intervention, according to the circumstances, the internal climate and management needs. The FOCUS’ senior professionals take responsibility for management, collaborating with the executive teams and people who carry out the day-to-day running of the firm. Under our monitoring, the client receives detailed and permanent information.

Also at FOCUS we have developed long experience in assuming or advising financial management.

In addition, we offer support for governance, i.e. preparation, design and execution of Governing Board, Executive Boards and other governing bodies

We stand by your side

FOCUS support creates synergy in all areas

Focus methodology

The experience and flexibility of our consultants allow us to establish global solutions and create synergies between departments. Often the needs are not in one area because they are all related: a marketing problem can have its origin in finance or production departments … and its solution will affect other business areas. We work to have efficient and permeable structures and we help to see the options and consequences from a global perspective and with precise actions.

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"A compass points the way, but does not exempt from rowingr."

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