Financing Services

Financial resources are the basis for developing the activity. At Focus we offer:

  • More than 15 years negotiating with financial institutions and financing sources
  • Experience and knowledge of all the financial products available
  • Ability to design tailor-made financial products for each situation
  • Exit to listed markets (BME Growth, Alternext, etc.)

And from our experience in financing we have created synergies with all the business areas


  • Financial needs assessment
  • Analysis of available funds. Advantages and disadvantages of the best options
  • Preparation of the financial report for the search and capture of resources
  • Resource Optimization
  • Accompaniment to obtain funds.

Financing of all kinds, for companies and individuals

  • Public funds (ICO, ICF, New Generation UE, etc
  • Bank loans
  • Mortgage credit for realtors, developers and builders.
  • Purchase-Sale of companies.
  • Financial restructuring and optimization of resources.
  • Distress Operations.
  • Search for private investors
“Money is fuel for activity. Not the other way around”
Josep Castellà

Other related services

Real estate Financing

Mortgage center. Financing for promoters, builders and retail.

equip treball ordinador
External Finances management

Accompaniment at specific moments or continuously (interim).


Latest news in the financial system, talks and conferences

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"The most powerful asset we have is our mind”.

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