Logistics & Lean Management

Every company demands logistics solutions. At FOCUS we offer the necessary analysis and proposals. And this means:

  • Production management: competitive cost, delivery times and adjusted quality
  • Buying at the best price
  • Selecting modern technology
  • Having good business contacts
  • Quality standards in products and services.


The company cannot charge for delays or defects.

Delivery times are getting shorter, and

Customers demand more quality, agility and flexibility.

The answer: 6 sigma Lean Management

  • An answer coming from the scientific method
  • Quantifiable, measurable and controllable
  • Comparable to the competition and historically
  • With management tools: to set objectives, to control and with leadership
  • And also, sustainable !!
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The Lean Management approach at FOCUS

  • Improving the value chain: we optimize production factors.
  • Reducing waste: We reduce space requirements, overprocessing and supply times.
  • Boosting productivity: Levering and increasing sustainability.
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