Merchant Bank

FOCUS  acts as a investment bank:

We offer advice on M&A (merger and acquisition), joint ventures, corporate financing, equity, partner search, and any other type of business reorganization.

We can also support market making activities, financial derivative transactions and stocks. We also help in fundraising and supporting companies to be listed in stock markets.

We lead the company to expand markets, customers, attract investors and new distributors.

  • Experience
  • Agenda and relationships
  • Legal regulations


  • Needs assessment and proposal
  • Accompaniment and recommendations 
  • Timing.
“ Listening, prepararing, achieving "

Other related services

Real estate and commercial management support

Technical assesment for international expansion, identification and selection of partners and collaborators

grafic i boli
BME Growth and other markets

Advice to SMEs to access capital markets such as the BME Growth, which allows for financing, visibility and liquidity. At the same time, it can be a divestment alternative for venture capital.

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